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Customized Erotica

Having guided many individuals and couples to understand what turns them on and release themselves from shame, I also enjoy writing erotica and with pleasure offer customized erotica scenes. Erotica is an amazing tool to help individuals explore what turns them on and have permission to own their desires. With partners, we can often get caught in how to exactly tell our partner what we are wanting in a fantasy what we want to feel, have done to us or by us or even just what our fantasy simply is. Whether you want me to write you a fantasy scene that you want to simply enjoy for yourself, share with your partner to read together or as a gift for your partner to better understand how to fulfill your desires and connect with you. I will focus on what's happening emotionally for you and how to really hit those red hot lust buttons that do it right for you. This is my specialty that I would love to offer to you.

Please enter all information in the fields below and allow one to two weeks to ensure quality. Cost is $100 and I will send further information upon submission of form below.