Your Fantasies are Sexy and I Want to Hear Them

I have seen how shame and fear of rejection stands in the way of feeling sexy in our own skin and from having the most satiating sex of our lives and connection with our partners. Your mind is a gorgeous playground that creates some of the hottest scenes to achieve what are underlying emotional needs which when fulfilled, creates some of the most mind-blowing sex. Often, we hold back because of what we think our fantasies mean about us, which sends the message back into ourselves that we at our core and what we want are wrong and this causes shutdown within us and to distance from our partners. No matter what scratches that itch for you, the purpose of the fantasy is to achieve the underlying emotions and have really hot sex and doesn't mean you need to do or be these things outside of the realm of fantasy. I want to help you enjoy those feelings, be it solo for yourself, dirty talk with a partner or role playing it out. I would love to receive from you what your ideal sexual fantasy is in detail and let you know how sexy it and you are.

I offer sexual fantasy validation in different formats:

-Written email response to your written fantasy $75
-One-two minute video response to your written fantasy $100

-Video response of reading your written fantasy and one-two minutes $150

To submit, email your written fantasy to the email below with the subject line "Read Me" and let me know which format you would like to receive. Payment instructions through Venmo will follow upon submission.The more detailed the better with your fantasy so I can know exactly what it is that's doing it for you and really understand how sexy your mind can be.