Shameless Fantasies

One of my favorite things to do is blast through the taboo that holds us back from the sex and relationships we want and need. A workshop that I have enjoyed doing over the past few years is Shameless Fantasies, a fun and sexy experience in which we explore what turns us on, why and celebrate each person’s anonymous sexual fantasy as a group with many cheers. Through doing this workshop, I have seen many individuals wake-up sexually and really own their turn ons and desires, realize that there’s nothing wrong with what they want deep down or how it looks to satiate it, realize that they’re not as alone in their desires as they thought and even learn what needs are driving them sexually and in relationship dynamics.


The workshop is best suited for 10-15 people in a setting in which there is some barrier for privacy and usually runs about two- two and half hours. Some of the best venues I have found are homes, bars, restaurants or breweries with a private corner or closed for a private event.


Please reach out to discuss pricing options and scheduling. I can’t wait to cheers each other’s fantasies together!