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Workshops & Collaborations

I have found that I have a happy place creating a safe space that invites people’s curiosities to flow in ways that are normally shamed or considered taboo. To witness someone come alive with fascination and connection to a part of themselves they haven’t realized or allowed yet means the world to me. I have enjoyed creating this space through my workshops, discussion groups and as an expert and performer at play parties. The mediums I have worked with so far are sexual fantasy, kink, BDSM, erotic touch and navigating non-monogamy.


Please also feel free to reach out to me to discuss creative collaborations. I have a background in marketing and sales in the wine and spirit industry, which lends to pairing well with sexy experiential marketing. I believe in helping empower individuals through finding things that help them step into their erotically confident self and create these experiences and connections.

Shameless Fantasies Workshop Description

Shameless Fantasies is a fun and erotically charged experience exploring what turns us on, why and celebrating all of it. Through this workshop, I have witnessed people wake-up sexually, own their desires and start to ask for and receive what they really want in sex and their relationships. Oftentimes, we can feel that what we crave in sex or how it looks (taboo scenarios, role-play, kink, fetishes...) will be seen as undesirable to others or our partners or that we're even "fucked-up" for having these core needs. 

There’s nothing wrong with what we truly crave in sex or how it looks to satiate it. As a practitioner that has worked with individuals and partners over the years, I have seen how integral our core desires are to achieving emotional well being, more consistently satiating sex and connection and sustainability in relationships. Many people leave the event with a far greater awareness of themselves, connection to others through bonding over one of the most intimate and powerful aspects of us and a sense of community and knowing that we're not as alone in our desires as we thought.

The structure is best suited for 10-15 people in a setting including a beverage of choice and privacy. We usually run about two- two and half hours. Some of the best settings I have found are bachelorette parties, distilleries or breweries.


Please reach out to discuss pricing options and scheduling. I can’t wait to cheer all of your sexual desires!

Sex Coach Workshops
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