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I first named my coaching practice Irreverent Love as a beacon to help release shame and buck conditioning, messaging and systems that don't work for us and keep us in the dark and not feeling safe and accepted for who we are and how we tick, love and express ourselves in life, relationships and sex. I want to encourage others to more fully embrace themselves and know that they are not alone and sometimes something we wear can help remind us throughout the day of how strong we are and can signal to others that they are not alone either. I have made these hats as a way for us to feel strong as Irreverent humans and as Irreverent Femmes. Love and live irreverently.

A 100% polyester front and 100% nylon mesh weave back make these hats super durable through regular wear and tear. They come in one size with an adjustable plastic snap closure: 22.8" (58cm). The cap's front has six rows of visor stitching. Pick any (or all) of the four-color variations and start customizing them with your original designs.

.: Material: 100% polyester foam front with 100% nylon mesh weave back
.: One size fits most (22.8"/58cm)
.: Four color combinations to pick from
.: Adjustable plastic snap closure
.: Six row stitching on visor
.: NB! Creases on the hat will straighten out naturally once unpackaged and worn

Irreverent Hat

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